I’m Josie, a student reading English and French at university.

Without God, I do everything wrong.  I am grumpy, I exaggerate, lie, am not always a good friend, want only what this world says is important, am overcome with my own weaknesses and flaws, have no motivation for work, want to get drunk and have sex with strangers.

But Jesus changes everything. He knows me and loves me  JUST AS I AM. He knew everything I would do wrong when he chose me as his daughter and is so faithful. He has a plan for us all.

Sometimes, in this world that is distant from God, it is so hard to see that and remember his unbelievable love.

And so, I hope this blog will catch me when I’m feeling both lost and found, and will ultimately encourage you of how loved you are, no matter what you do (good or bad) and know that there are other people feeling that they are stumbling just as much as you.