Senegal Diary #2 – Living for God

10th May 2016- "...Basically, this much has been made very clear to me: I need to absolutely live for God. In my head I've been going through ups and downs about what I think. It sounds ridiculous but I've actually considered 'renouncing' my faith in dramatic fashion, being super liberal at uni etc etc etc, … Continue reading Senegal Diary #2 – Living for God


Senegal Diary #1- Earning God

When I was in Senegal, writing a diary was a good way of seeing the ways God was faithful and sustaining to me when I looked back at it. Every now and again, I'm just going to write one out, exactly as I wrote it (never meaning it to be read by anyone). Hmm. We'll … Continue reading Senegal Diary #1- Earning God